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Frequently asked questions

  • What is an SSL certificate?

    SSL means Secure socket layer and it is a security protocol. The SSL certificate is a signature that works digitally to encrypt data that is being sent between servers and browsers.

  • What is Single Root SSL Certificate?

    The Single Root SSL certificate is one that is lined to the root CA directly. This is exactly how these are set up, which means that there is not a chain between the SSL issuing root authority SSL when issuing the certificate.

  • What Protocol SSL Certificates Use?

    They use for HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocaol Secure Port Number : 443, for FTPS: File Transfer Protocol Secure Port Number :990. So you need to open port 443 on your fire wall after installing the SSL certificate so that it works correctly.

  • Who Invented SSL?

    SSL certificates were invented by Netscape as they wanted a way of transferring data securing over intranets and internets.

  • Who Needs SSL Certificates?

    If you have a site where you need your visitors to send data, then you will need an SSL certificate. This would include ecommerce sites, webmail, online trading websites, online data transfer websites, private content websites, email programs, online shopping carts or money transfer websites.

  • Why are SSL certificates used?

    An SSL certificate secures any data that is being transferred on intranets and the Internet. It encrypts the data to make it safe and so it is used to protect peoples secure data.

  • What Types of Encryption is used by SSL Certificates?

    128 and 256 bit encryption is used by SSL certificates

  • What are 1024/2048 bit CSR Keys?

    While generating a CSR from your website or domain 1024 level encryption is used. This CSR key is decrypted when the SSL is enroled and issued. The 2048 bit CSR is a more advanced level of encryption which is used on EV SSL certificates.

  • Who Issues SSL Certificates?

    There are certain SSL certificate authorities who issue them. These include Godaddy, Symantec, Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte and others. They all provide different types of certificate.

  • What is a Free Trial SSL Certificate?

    Free certificates are only offered on a local usage basis. They are therefore not recommended in most cases. Paid SSL certificates have the added benefit of coming with an insurance warranty.

  • What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

    With a wildcard SSL certificate it is possible to secure a selection of subdomains with just the one certificate. This means that you can have many different things before and they will all have the security coverage.

  • What information has to be supplied to get an SSL Certificate?

    This will depend on the type of SSL certificate that you require. Most will need the CSR, contact name, companies contact details and domain approval email address.

  • What is a CSR Key and How do I get one?

    An CSR key is a certificate signing request. This has to be created by you as it needs to be unique. You can use your domain to create one and there is an online CSR generator on this website that you can use to get one.

  • How to Generate a CSR Key?

    The process for generating a CSR key depends on the control panel and web server being used. Check on the technical support page for more detail on how to do it.

  • What is an EV SSL Certificate

    This is an Extended Validation SSL certificate and does not only verify the domain but also the business as well. This means that business paperwork has to be sent on the application and it takes longer to issue it. However, it provides extra security and turns the address bar green which means that customers can automatically see that the site is safe.

  • How is Business Identified verified?

    You will need to submit business license documents to prove the identity of your business. This will be checked out by the certificate authority team who will check the countries government website and public details and phone you up to make sure you are the correct person.

  • What is an SSL site seal?

    This is a logo that is provided for free. This shows to site visitors that the site has been secured by an SSL certificate. There are different types of seal.

  • Why Are the Prices so Low?

    We buy SSL certificates in bulk, which means that we can get a discount price that we pass on to our customers.

  • What Happens if my SSL Certificate Dos Not Work?

    It is necessary to follow the standard CSR generation and SSL installation processes in order to make sure that they work. However, if you find that this does not work, then you can contact our technical department for help. They will be able to help out with any type of SSL problem.

  • How Can I Check the CSR and SSL Certificates are Correct?

    If you want to check that your CSR and SSL certificates are correct before you install them, then you can click here to check them.

  • How Long Does it Take to Issue an SSL Certificate?

    A domain verified SSL certificate can be issued within ten minutes. Other certificates take longer though, due to the more detailed verification process. Check the details of each product to find exactly how long it will take.

  • Can I see Which Certificate Authorities have their own Trusted CA Root in Browsers?

    Within your browser you will have a trusted CA root certificate store where you can see them. In Internet Explorer you can go to Tools, Internet Options, Content Tab, Certificates and Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab. You will be presented with a list and you can click the names in it to examine the root certificates.

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