SSL CertificatesTrust solutions
15.00$ Basic Quick-Scan
  • OWASP Top 10 Scanning
  • Multi Page Web Applications
  • REST API & JavaScript Scan
  • Set it up in minutes
44.00$ Starting at
  • Protect up to 250 domains
  • Wildcard domains
  • Single and sub-domains
  • Public IP addresses
49.00$ Billed annually
  • Registered companies
  • Non Profit, Funds and Trusts
  • Government entities
  • Sole Proprietors/Individuals

GoGetSSL Secure Domain SSL (Flex)

Medium rate
SAN option available 0 SAN Included $30.00 Additional SAN 250 Maximum
Express 5 min
and non-www
Free Static
Free unlimited
server licensing
address bar
SAN Support
Available for extra fee
Speed-up with LEI
Not requires for current SSL
Validation methods
Email / HTTP Hash / DNS CNAME
Available hash algorithm

SSL Certificate description

Secure Domain SSL (Flex) is one of the most powerful DV SSL certificates that we sell. It comes with two new features, the Flex SSL allowing to protect single and Wildcard domains, as well as TrulyTrust Vulnerability scanner to determine any possible issues with your websites. Secure Domain SSL comes with the complete support of both RSA and ECC hash algorithms for the same price.

Our SSL comes with a green lock that appears at the address bar of all known browsers and mobile devices. It is suitable for small and medium websites, mail servers, start-ups or any other online projects. The validation process is fast and easy as all you need is to confirm domain ownership via one of the available methods. We guarantee 30-day money back for any reason.

  • TrulyTrust™ Vulnerability scan

    Every Secure Domain SSL comes with a new TrulyTrust vulnerability scanner to protect your website and application from the most known issues and errors. TrulyTrust Scanner allows to check Multi-Page Web Applications that use HTML, JSP, etc., Automated JavaScript Scans of applications on Angular, React, Vue, jQuery or similar, REST API Scans. TrulyTrust can Log in to your application via BasicAuth or with user credentials (user/password). Scheduled Scanning is available with regular licensing. Please note, the current package comes in a bundle with SSL providing a one-time scan of your main domain name.

  • New FLEX Technology

    Amazing option for products with new FLEX feature allowing to protect standard single domains, sub-domains, Public IP addresses and even Wildcard domains at once. Historically there were separate Multi-domain (SAN) and Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates not allowing to have different types of SAN's. Now you can mix Wildcards, IP addresses, and standard domains, paying different prices per item. Check out more about Flex certs.

  • UCC/SAN option

    Our Multi-Domain SSL supports up to 250 SAN items; each SAN element may handle base domain OR sub-domain. SAN SSL certificates do not secure both with/without WWW by default, so to protect both versions you need 2 SAN items. By default, the price includes one common name and 2 SAN items. Our Multi-Domain SSL compatible with MS Exchange servers.

  • Trusted Site Seal logo

    We supply our GoGetSSL™ Domain SSL with various versions of trust Site Seal logos to looks great on every website design. Site seal logo from known provider increase trust and build the credibility of your potential and existing customers. Site Seal provided in different PNG versions. We suggest to install Site Seal logo to most of your pages or at least on critical pages like cart, contact form and ordering pages. Preview example of one of the available site seals by our brand.

  • Fast SSL issuance

    Domain SSL is available for all type of customers like Individuals, Private persons, Organizations and Government entities. No documents require and SSL will be issued within 5 minutes once you confirm domain ownership via one of the available methods. We support domain validation via standard e-mails like admin@domain.tld, administrator@domain.tld, hostmaster@domain.tld, webmaster@domain.tld, postmaster@domain.tld OR via alternative methods HTTP hash file and DNS CNAME.

  • Boost Google rating with SSL

    Now every trusted SSL certificate increase website rank thanks to Google updates in the search algorithm. That is the easiest and legal method to help your website receive more traffic from Google and other search engines. We believe Google would make more updates soon to give preference to trusted websites and verified companies.

  • SSL compatibility

    There are two major criteria for a professional SSL certificate, it must be issued via trusted CA and have perfect compatibility with most known browsers including mobile devices and server platforms. Our SSL certificates are compatible with up to 99.6% known devices. Make sure you have installed intermediate certificates to have the best results. Review list of supported devices by GoGetSSL™ Domain SSL certificate.

  • Compare SSL certificates

    Today, the market is full of SSL certificates from different certificate authorities (CA) and it is important to make the right selection. For past years few well-known CAs were distrusted and end-customers faced with troubles. We sell certificates from trusted providers and prepared a very custom and detailed SSL comparisons available on the market. Let us know if you still have any doubts or questions.

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Fast Issuance within 3-5 minutes

Get a Domain Validation SSL certificate within just 5 minutes using our friendly and automated system. No paperwork, callback or company required.

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Found a better price? We will match it - guaranteed. Get the best possible price in the World with us. The correct place to save your money.

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Try 90-day Trial SSL Certificate before the real purchase to test cert's functionality. 99.9% browser and mobile support. Free reissues.

Money Back 30-day guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our major concern. Get a full refund within 30 days for any purchase of SSL certificates with 100% guarantee.

Speed up SSL issuance

GoGetSSL® offers fastest issuance of SSL due to use of LEI code and API automation. Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a global identity code, just like DUNS. Learn how LEI works.

1,422,468+Total LEIs issued
224+Jurisdictions supported