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TAX/VAT rules

  • We are Latvian Republic (LV) company working under European Union (EU) regulations and respect paying the taxes if we obligated to do that. You will receive EU standard invoice with all credentials for every purchase via our company.

All customers outside EU and Russia (0%)

There will be no VAT/TAX for any private, individuals, sole-traders, organizations and government entity customers from outside Europe or Russian Federation.

EU customers with Valid VAT number

  • 0% VAT (Reverse Charge)
  • 21% VAT for Latvian Republic

European Union customers without Valid VAT number

We will charge your local VAT for all orders if you are an individual, sole-trader or business company with no valid VAT number

  • Austria (AT) - 20%
  • Hungary (HU) - 27%
  • Malta (MT) - 18%
  • Netherlands (NL) - 21%
  • Poland (PL) - 23%
  • Portugal (PT) - 23%
  • Romania (RO) - 19%
  • Slovakia (SK) - 20%
  • Slovenia (SI) - 22%
  • Belgium (BE) - 21%
  • Bulgaria (BG) - 20%
  • Croatia (HR) - 25%
  • Cyprus (CY) - 19%
  • Czech Republic (CZ) - 21%
  • Denmark (DK) - 25%
  • Estonia (EE) - 20%
  • Finland (FI) - 24%
  • France (FR) - 20%
  • Germany (DE) - 19%
  • Greece (EL) - 24%
  • Ireland (IE) - 23%
  • Italy (IT) - 22%
  • Latvia (LV) - 21%
  • Lithuania (LT) - 21%
  • Luxemboug (LU) - 17%
  • Spain (ES) - 21%
  • Sweden (SE) - 25%
  • United Kingdrom - 20%

Russian Federation (16.67%)

16.67% VAT applied to all orders from the Russian Federation starting at 1st January 2019 according of digital services designated in article 174.2 of the Russian Tax Code.

We are registered as Russian Federation Taxpayer and received INN and KPP numbers, in order to fulfill the new law. Please read more details on official Federal Tax Service website.

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