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SSL Basics / FAQ

  • The current section would help you to understand what is Domain, Business or Extended Validation SSL certificates. What is the SSL warranty and how it works. Site sea logos and examples. How to get certs for local domains.

    • 1
      What is SSL/TLS certificate

      Before proceeding to the point on why the site needs an SSL certificate, it is worth noting the concept of the SSL protocol itself. This is a cryptographic protocol that provides reliable data transmission over the network. It is a guarantee of a secure connection between the user browser and the resource...

    • 2
      Domain Validation SSL

      SSL certificates with domain verification, or as some call them, entry-level certificates are the most common in the world, and this is not surprising, because the speed of issuing such certificates varies from 2-10 minutes, depending on the brand. To obtain such a certificate, no documents are required, the whole process is extremely simple, you need to confirm ownership of the domain, and for this there are 3 ways, one main and two alternative...

    • 3
      Business Validation SSL

      Business validation SSL certificates, also known as Organization validation certs are strong trust products. Technically, they provide the same level of encryption as any DV SSL certificate, however, they authenticate the company's legal existence, address, and phone number. That brings higher trust by your existing and potential customers viewing your website or working with your online service...

    • 4
      Extended Validation SSL

      EV SSL Certificate - A certificate used to configure HTTPS support on a site. To obtain an EV certificate, you must confirm the existence of the company in whose name the certificate is issued in a certification center. Browsers show information about the existence of the company either in front of the domain name of the site...

    • 5
      Wildcard SSL

      The Wildcard SSL certificates are great helpers when you need to protect multi-le sub-domains within the same domain name. The standard single-domain SSL may protect one domain or its sub-domain, for example, domain.tld OR sub.domain.tld...

    • 6
      Multi-domain (SAN) SSL

      Multi-Domain SSL certificates, also known as Unified Communication Certificates (UCC) and Subject Alternative Name (SAN). All of them solve the requirement of protecting multiple domains and sub-domains. They are very popular for companies who run various local websites. CDN (Content Delivery Networks) use them to protect all their customers...

    • 7
      Code Signing SSL

      Code Signing certificate - a certificate by which software or scripts are signed, it confirms the author of the program and ensures that the code has not been changed after the digital signature has been applied. They are also called developer certificates...

    • 8
      ECC and SHA

      SSL certificates most often use RSA keys, and the recommended size of these keys is constantly increasing (for example, from 1024 bits to 2048 bits over the past few years), which is associated with maintaining sufficient cryptographic strength. Both types of keys are based on the use of asymmetric algorithms (one key for encoding and one key for decoding)...

    • 9
      SSL warranty

      The certificate authorities provide an additional guarantee for the safety of your online business and the operation of the site. Warranty is one of the key elements of a certificate and can be a strong argument when choosing one. This guarantee is paid to visitors to your site who relied on the certificate and incurred losses directly as a result of an online credit card transaction and incorrect issuance of SSL certificate...

    • 10
      International Domain names (IDN)

      Initially, the Domain Name System (DNS) standard allowed registration of domains containing only ASCII characters - 26 letters of the Latin alphabet (a-z), numbers (0-9) and a hyphen (37 characters in total)...

    • 11
      Site Seal logo

      As the Internet intertwines with our daily lives, the level of digital fraud is growing - and the user is well aware of this. Suppliers of goods and services must gain the trust of their potential customers, and this is especially true of the e-commerce world: if there is no trust, there is no desire to make a purchase. The very first way to build customer confidence is to assure the user that his data is protected...

    • 12
      How to Check SSL details in browsers

      More and more website visitors and users start to point their attention to online protect and SSL certificates. The reason is Google, who forced HTTPS as mandatory since July 2018. It is a simple task to check certificate details in the browser by advanced and experienced users but could be a problem for regular customers...

    • 13
      SSL certificate for Localhost

      Nowadays, the use of HTTPS is becoming mandatory for all sites and web applications. However, there is a problem in the development process related to correct testing. Naturally, Let’s Encrypt and other CAs do not issue certificates for localhost, as starting at 1st NOV 2015 the CA/B Forum voted to stop issuance of them...

    • 14
      Do I need SSL for simple content website

      Starting in July 2018 Google suggested making SSL certificates mandatory for all websites. That is great for us as to SSL provider, sales growing, thank you all. Owners of websites that do not have any forms, e-commerce and are just content websites curious and asking if they need SSL for their website...

    • 15
      Google SEO Booster

      Adding a 2048-bit SSL certificate with SHA-256 hash algorithm is a legal and approved method to boost your website rankings in Google Search. Google announced that every website with trusted SSL would have better positions compared to those websites that have no active SSL certificate...

    • 16
      SSL Supported Devices

      Device compatibility is one of the most important features of any SSL certificate. When the device does not support SSL certificate the end customers would receive error and protection of data will be not possible, that is why we sell SSL certificates from major Certificate Authorities (CA) to have the best quality...

    • 17
      Flex SSL

      Amazing option for products with new FLEX feature allowing to protect standard single domains, sub-domains, Public IP addresses and even Wildcard domains at once. Historically there were separate Multi-domain (SAN) and Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates not allowing to have different types of SAN's...

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